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Shipping to Middle East

Middle Eastern ports experience some of the highest incoming and outgoing sea route traffic in the world. The entire region has a number of ports, many of them are the biggest in the world. Excellent world class infrastructure is present in most of the ports of the Middle East.

Jebel Ali port, which is the port of Dubai is the largest port in the world. Port Rashid, which is another port in Dubai, is the second largest. Kuwait, a very important country in the Arab cluster, has major seaports namely Shuwaikh Port and Shuaiba Port. The shipping industry of Kuwait ranks among the largest in the entire Persian Gulf region. The biggest seaport in the country is Mina Al-Ahmadi.

In Bahrain, there are three major ports – Mina Salman Port, Khalifa Bin Salman Port and Industrial Area and Muharraq Port. Mina Salman was the main port of the Kingdom of Bahrain before the opening of Khalifa port. For shipping of commercial goods, Mina Salman is still the main port. It is a port preferred by international shipping lines.

Dammam Port is the main port of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The port is called King Abdul Aziz Port and is the main entryway for cargoes to enter central and eastern regions of Saudi. This port is one of the most sophisticated ports of the region. Majority cargo is made up of oil. Riyadh, which does not have direct seacoast access, uses Dammam port. Riyadh has a dry port which offers road and rail route services to transport goods to Dammam port. Jeddah Port is another important port in Saudi Arabia. This port is known for its highly cargo specific and specialized terminals. It is equipped to handle passengers, residential cargo, live stock, edibles and vehicles.

The ports in Doha, the capital of Qatar, are a beehive of activity and are some of the busiest ports in the region. The port majorly caters to natural gas and oil industries. There are two ports here – Mesaieed Port and Ras Laffan Port. Doha Port has almost reached saturation and authorities are planning mass renovations and new developments in order to increase capacity of the port. Other important ports in the Middle East are Umm-Qasar port which is the sole port of Iraq and Aqaaba Port which is the sole port of Jordan.

Very strict rules and regulations are implemented for shipping to Middle East. The common documents which are necessary in most of the ports are commercial invoice of shipments, certificate of origin, shipping bill, a certificate from the steamship company, insurance certificate if goods are insured and a list of goods contained in the shipment.

In case you are shipping food articles, a document listing ingredients is very essential. For food products, a consumer protection certificate is also required. Price list should be included. Regulations are strict for meat products. Only male beef, poultry and sheep meat, either in frozen or fresh form, can be taken into the country. Pork is strictly banned. Other documents such as certificates for method of slaughter and health certificate for animals are required. Narcotics and alcohol are strictly prohibited. Also prohibited are weapons, some kinds of communication devices and systems, certain books and sensitive materials need special permit for entry.

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